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Saturday, May 30, 2009

IT Certification

Computer training courses are easy to find but deciding which course are best to take, however, is a bit more complex. When evaluating computer training courses, several questions may come to mind in which each plays a major part in the decision making process. The main reason for taking computer training is to learn the skills needed to become a certified professional within the IT world.

it-boot-camp-trainingThe rapid growing in IT technology have been evolving along with the requirements for particular certifications to meet the needs for IT professionals who working in various IT positions. The certification program should be more specific and diverse which allowing individuals to gain credentials more relevant to their position or expertise. Furthermore, IT technology specialist certifications should enable professionals to obtain specialized in-depth knowledge within a broad spectrum of technologies, such as capability in implementing, building, troubleshooting, and debugging a particular technology.

Countrywide Training is a prominent computer training service for those who are ready to get industry recognition for their advanced technical skills and push their careers up to the top. They provide training solutions that well suited for IT specialist including onsite computer IT training classes, online live IT Training, self-study computer based training (CBT) classes and IT certification boot camp training programs.

They also provide corporate training that includes onsite training and computer class programs that teach several employees at once with optional virtual classroom training where the trainees are having their classes in their remote computers. The virtual class program will make them feel like they are in a classroom environment as an instructor teaches right in front of them. Taking part in virtual training class considerably bring many benefit since the trainees feel they are part of a class to make them learn easier and encourage them to ask in-depth questions right on the spot. more

Is Google Wave a Twitter Killer ?

While the world has focused on Google Wave as a mash-up of chat, e-mail, and document sharing, it's really something else: Google Wave could be the Twitter that everyone really wants. Maybe it's the Facebook, too.

Shown for the first time on Thursday at Google's I/O developer conference, Wave is described as "equal part conversation and document" for its uses as a collaboration tool. But, the leap from what Google says Wave is today to what it can easily become is a short one.

If Google wants to compete, head-to-head, with Twitter and Facebook, Wave is the perfect start. It may not be a competitor when it first becomes publicly available, perhaps because the merging of documents, feeds, photos, e-mail, instant messaging, event planning, and other features is likely to seem so unfamiliar to users.

It will likely take time before would-be users really understand what Wave does and can be used for. How much time? Months, not years.

Then give Wave a more public face--documents, chats, IMs, etc.--to be shared with everyone on your contact list or the world at-large and Wave does everything Facebook and Twitter do. And more.

It is not a foregone conclusion this will happen. Outside its core search business and related tools, Google has faced an uphill battle for user acceptance. However, Wave, by combining so many otherwise separate Google features, could finally provide the compelling experience users seek.
Build, Not Buy

For months there have been rumors that Google would buy one (both?) of the big social network players. Why didn't it? With Wave almost ready to release, why spend the money to purchase a large distraction?

Another important thing: Google already has a built-in, advertising-based business model that customers understand. That is a huge thing, considering that Twitter and Facebook are still looking for ways to monetize their users.

While Google has not announced a release date, it only describes availability as "later this year," the company has started a developer program, released a set of APIs, and is providing limited access to developers seeking to test their Wave-based applications. An active developer forum now exists, as well as a Wave development team blog.
Waving For Business

Google Wave has obvious business uses, combining tools that businesspeople use every day. It will be important that the Wave mail client and other applications learn to work with closely what we already use and for Wave to be something people can adopt without disrupting how they already work.

That has been a challenge for Google in the past, but if Wave is to achieve its great potential it must be easy to adopt and add to the way people already work.

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook need to be looking over their shoulders. more...twitter killer

SEO benefits from social sites

These days the online ’social’ definition is primarily defined by sites and services that provide many of the social functions on simple interfaces where you just fill out a profile form and then you are ready to start contributing without having knowledge of HTML. In the past if you had several bookmarks that you thought were interesting and you would like share them with others, you could send an email or instant message to a friend or post the links on your web page. Today people are turning to social bookmark services like Digg, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Create a profile and start reviewing links that meet your interests, submit new links that others might like which are added to your profile. These services will allow you to give a short description of the page or other item that you are bookmarking and let the community for review.

Unlikely to normal bookmark, services like Deliciousand Technorati, let users ‘tag’ keywords to links as well. This social tagging services allow a tagged link to be made searchable for specific words and word combinations, available through directory like lists or ‘tag clouds’. Searches can be set as RSS feeds and sent to your RSS reader be used to publish searches and feeds.

social-searchAnother social service is called social search, in which the process can help to winnow down the wheat from the chaff with results are considered ‘more relevant’ than a search engine’s algorithm because the results are hand picked. Some services like Eurekster and Rollyo for example can assist you in creating a personalized/shareable search engines based on your own set of criteria. The subjectivity that ordinary search engines lack is one of the factors that appear to keep these services popular with their users.

On the SEO and marketing side, could this tagging, bookmark, and search service be of use in promoting your website? The answer is the fact that a link back to your site from these services can gain you some small or large amount of traffic. If some one find your bookmark or tag from one of those sites and points back to one of your pages, this surely pass benefit to you. You may find a way to gain more benefits if you take part in some of those social networks in a meaningful way, even if you are not taking part for traditional rankings, link gathering, or other reasons.

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